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Visa Hunting Property Investors Considering Malta

With Brexit moving forward, overseas property investors are looking at Malta to keep a foot in Europe in case freedom of movement is curtailed.

The largest of three inhabited islands in the Maltese Archipelago, Malta is a full member of the European Union and Euro Zone, and offers one of the most effective routes to Euro citizenship with direct citizenship within 12-14 months which gives full EU access.

Investment to obtain EU citizenship starts at only 200-250,000 euros in Malta, and with the main business language on the island being English it is fast becoming one of the most attractive European destinations for overseas property investors.

Despite being business friendly with an on-shore low tax jurisdiction, Malta is not included among the black listed tax havens, so is an ideal place to set up business if required.

With the largest free port in the Mediterranean, Malta is currently one of the best performing economies in Europe and also currently holds the EU presidency.

Only three hours from London, the island is situated in the heart of the Mediterranean within two hours of Europe.

The year-round temperate climate and white sandy beaches have long made Malta a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors year round and generating a strong holiday rental demand for investment properties.

Apartments tend to start from around 300,000 euros, with villas available from approximately 600,000 euros. Though at the top end of the market luxury properties can be found in the best locations for about 2-4 million euros.

Rental yields tend to range from between 3.5 per cent and 6 per cent depending on location.

Also a popular destination for retirement, it seems that Malta will continue to be a strong choice to invest in European property with potential access to the European Union for those who desire it once Brexit is enabled and the UK leaves the EU.

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