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Turkey – Off Plan Development


Tel: +44 203 287 8700

Universal21 is a very unique company in that it takes exclusive responsibility for the property marketing, property sales and managing of selected projects from developers in Istanbul. Selling to both local and the international arena has been challenging as well as rewarding. Clients’ expectations of buying locally and internationally are wildly different and we have to cater for a wide breath of requirements. It is the flexibility in our approach to clients that has made our company “stand out from the crowd”. We don’t just sell! This is the easier part of the equation! We provide full rental management services in Istanbul. Snagging, tenancy agreements, furniture installation, tenant check out, renovation and resale. We are now also actively responsible for site management as well as rental collections on some of the developments where we serve. We have to be very strict about the location, prices, apartment type and rental percentages in relation to the development as a whole, to maximise returns for our clients.

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