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Spain Number One Choice for Brits Abroad

Spain has been revealed as the number one choice for the British when it comes to moving abroad for a new life.

British overseas property investors have long bought into Spain, and it seems that many would like to up sticks and move there permanently.

A survey has shown that 13 per cent of Britons would choose Spain over any other country to move to.

Spain is greatly beloved by Britons heading off on holidays to the Mediterranean country. It offers delectable cuisine, a rich and fascinating history and stunning beaches. And it turns out some Britons like it so much they’d be keen to emigrate to Spain. In fact, it has been revealed Spain is the number one spot to move to of all.

The research follows news that Spanish holidays are still the number one break of choice for thousands of Britons. Analysis of the International Passenger Survey (IPS) air travel figures showed nearly over 6,736,632 visitors flew to Spain in 1994 – roughly 5,000,000 more than any other country.

In 2018, 13,615,245 British tourists headed to Spanish destinations – roughly 11,000,000 more than any other country.

While Spain is the number one choice, the second most popular is a much longer haul.

New Zealand grabs second spot along with its close neighbour Australia. Both countries scoring 12 per cent of the vote and pushing Spain for the number one spot.

The next most popular destination in the survey carried out by was our old friend across the pond. The USA was voted for by 10 per cent of those surveyed.

Close neighbour Canada (9 per cent), Italy (7 per cent) and France (6 per cent) were also popular destinations for Brits in the poll. Portugal, Germany, and Dubai made up the top ten.

CEO of AnyVan, Angus Elphinstone, commented: ‘It’s nearly a national sport in the UK to dream about moving.

‘From flicking through property prices and listings on Rightmove to sitting down to watch one of the vast number of primetime TV shows offering advice to those looking to change homes for a place in the sun.

‘Our research highlighted where people dream to move to, but there were still 16 per cent of residents who didn’t want to move anywhere.’

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