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How Long Your Retirement Nest Egg Will Last

Overseas property investors looking to retire abroad need to know how long their retirement nest egg will last.

New research has looked at which the popular retirement countries in Europe can offer the best value for British expats retiring, where their nest egg will stretch the furthest, or shortest.

The research was based on a retirement nest egg of £1 million, and the good news that a nest egg of £1 million can last a fair old while in many of the popular destination countries for British expats.

Though Poland came out top lasting for a massive 64 years on a basic cost of living and 42 years to live in luxury, the popular hotspots of Greece and Portugal came joint second offering 48 years basic lifestyle or 32 years luxury for your £1 million nest egg.

Even more encouragingly the ever-popular retirement hotspot of Spain took fourth place, allowing British expats with that £1 million nest egg to live happily for 43 years on a basic lifestyle, or 29 years in luxury.

The friendly island of Malta also looked a good bet for retiring with that £1 million nest egg, where it would stretch for 40 years if spent carefully or 27 years in luxury.

The research was based on the purchase of a 90 square metre apartment outside a city centre at the start of retirement and took into account the average cost of the apartment and also average cost of either basic or luxury lifestyle in each country.

Denmark was found to be the most expensive country to retire to, allowing just 25 years basic or 17 years on a luxury lifestyle for that £1 million.

Worryingly for many British expats, the popular destination of France was found to be the second most expensive, offering just 28 years of basic living or 19 years of luxury. Making it actually more expensive to live a basic lifestyle in than the UK which came next along with Ireland, Germany, and the Netherlands at 29 years.

A £1 million nest egg may sound good, but be careful where you spend it to make the most of retirement.

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