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Reasons to Invest in France

Many British overseas property investors have chosen to invest in France, so here we look at the main attractions.


No other foreign country can compete with France for its proximity to the UK. Invest in France and you can always get there easily, by car (via the ferry or Channel Tunnel), rail (via the Eurostar) or a short plane journey.

If the northern regions of Normandy and Brittany are your choice, then you will already be there, but if you prefer the central or southern French regions then the extensive motorways and growing high-speed TGV rail system can still whisk you to your property in a relatively short time.


France attracts more tourists than any other country in the world, so in you invest in France you can be assured a strong supply of visitors to rent your property to. 2017 saw 89 million tourists visit France, well ahead of the 82.3 million that travelled to Spain in second place.

France has an established holiday let market so if you buy sensibly in a good area, it shouldn’t take many weeks to cover your running costs through rental income.

Even if you plan to live in your property investment, it is common in France to rent out a converted outbuilding known as a gite.

Food Glorious Food

French cuisine is famous the world-over, be it expensive ‘haute cuisine’ or simple plats du jour and locally produced breads and cheeses. Invest in France and you will never go hungry with fresh produce from the fragrant markets.

The laid-back French culture is largely built around eating out in either top class restaurants or local family run ones. Whichever you choose you are unlikely to be disappointed.

And don’t forget to accompany that meal with a cheeky glass of wine – there’s plenty of choice!

Value for Money

With property prices typically around 40 per cent cheaper than the UK, if you choose to invest in France you can get a lot for your money.

From converted farmhouses to rustic village homes, or seaside apartments to mountain chalets, France provides for all tastes and budgets.

In the Aquitaine countryside for example, a detached property could be acquired for around £150,000 including a gite to bring that extra income if desired.

The historic fishing villages in Brittany are another favourite, or if you want the Mediterranean lifestyle then you can travel further south than the expensive Côte d’Azur and get more for your money the further south you travel around Languedoc.

Skiing is also available when you invest in France, with the Alpine departments of Savoie and Haute-Savoie a particular favourite with UK buyers, thanks to the choice of resorts, and proximity to Geneva Airport.

There are plenty of reasons to invest in France, and therefore no surprise that so many British overseas property investors already do so.

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