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Own a Piece of Pop History

For those overseas property investors with deep pockets and a love of pop history, the former home of the late Michael Jackson is once again up for sale.

Famously known as Neverland, the property was purchased by the late pop artist towards the end of the eighties and spreads over 2,700 acres.

The ‘King of Pop’ went on to develop the property to include a zoo and amusement park as he created his own world in which to live.

The estate also includes a huge cinema, a dance studio, a barn and a firehouse. A vineyard and horse ranch are also available.

The main house is impressive in itself, with more than four bedrooms, swimming pool and places perfect for playing Tennis and other sports.

At the height of his pop career Jackson made the extensive estate his own and lived there along with his children for many years.

The end came after the huge scandal and child molestation trial forced the pop singer to move away from the property in 2005. Jackson was acquitted of the charges.

The pop singer then went on to sell the estate a few years later to a company for a price in excess of twenty million dollars, in a bid to raise funds as he went through a financial crisis.

The investment company, Colony Capital has since slowly added various improvements to the estate and has in fact renamed the property Sycamore Valley Ranch.

This unique and infamous property was in fact last year estimated to be worth around 100 million dollars, but has now been put up for sale by the company at the knock down price of just 67 million dollars.

It is time to check down the back of the sofa for those lost pennies and put in a bid for a true piece of pop history.

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