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Leblon – The Mayfair of Rio De Janeiro

Leblon beach

For those overseas property investors looking for luxury in Rio De Janeiro, Leblon is the place to go.

The small and relatively quiet neighbourhood of Leblon still contains the most expensive property in Rio De Janeiro, with prices around R$20,000 per square metre. So, what do you get for your money?

Situated at the western end, Leblon has always been regarded as the quiet and safe neighbourhood in Rio, perhaps partly because of the lack of metro links to the rest of the city.

However, metro links have recently improved greatly, now offering two metro stations (Antero de Quental and Nossa Senhora da Paz) and plenty of bus routes connecting residents with other parts of the city, whilst still retaining its charm.

Despite appearing subdued when compared to the rest of the city, Leblon has plenty to offer with a markedly diverse culinary scene.

Boutique restaurants offering many cuisines such as Thai, Spanish, and German compete with more local favourites that provide wonderful food at everyday prices.

Pizza Guanabara opens from 11am until 5am and draws in many party-goers, artists, and actors to create a bohemian atmosphere where you can enjoy pizza and ‘chopp’ beer through the night.

If you want a dance to build your appetite first you could try the up and coming Yndú Lounge for chilled out dance music, the up-market bar scene of Belmonte, or the more relaxed Jobi.

Leblon doesn’t completely get away from the street crime problems that have plagued Rio in recent years, but the sense of community is strong in Leblon, and local residents and businesses have teamed up in an effort to stamp out a recent rise in robberies, and Leblon remains one of the safest neighbourhoods in the city.

As previously mentioned, Leblon doesn’t come cheap, with average property prices at around R$20,000 per square metre. But for those overseas property investors prepared to search around a bit there are apartments currently available in prime areas for significantly below that price.

A two-bedroom, 80 square metre apartment located on the highly desirable Rua Dias Ferrera can be found for R$1,495,000 – around R$18,500 per square metre. And further west on Rua Sambaíba, a 65 square metre two-bedroom apartment can be purchased for just R$890,000 – under R$14,000 per square metre.

With new links to the rest of Rio De Janeiro, but still retaining its own exclusive beachside charm, Leblon could well become a popular choice for investors looking for the Rio carnival lifestyle, but a little more laid back.

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