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Established in 2001, Properties Around Italy are an estate agent specializing in selling villas, apartments, castle, trulli, farm-houses and country houses throughout Italy.   The Directors have over 25 years property experience worldwide under their belt, therefore we offer a complete and professional service to all potential purchasers and investors.   We aim to assist clients purchase their ideal place in the sun, whether this be a Trulli in Puglia, a Villa in Tuscany, a stone farm-house in Abruzzo, a property in a medieval town which requires restoration, or a new built seaside apartment.    We also assist investors to find an ideal property investment throughout Italy.   Your wish and desire can become a reality and we shall assist to make this dream come true.

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One of the key reasons for the increased demand for Italian homes for sale is the country’s unique cultural flavour and a huge potential for economical growth. The Italian property market provides plenty of great options for both local and foreign home buyers ranging from gorgeous homes in famous cities and seaside resorts to enchanting countryside locations yet to be discovered by foreigners. A growing number of European home buyers and real estate investors are now turning to Italy due to the country’s rich cultural heritage, scenic landscapes and clean shimmering lakes, elegant architecture, and the trendy fashion and shopping experience the country provides.
Although properties for sale in Italy are a bit costlier in popular locations such as Tuscany and Umbria as well as in major cities including Rome, Florence, Milan, and Venice, there are other emerging markets such as Puglia, Calabria, Sardinia, and Abruzzo with considerably cheaper prices. As a member of the EU with comparatively better prices than most exclusive European locations, Italy is emerging as the preferred investment destination. Many overseas investors can attest to the fact that Italy is an easily accessible land served by regular flights and seaports linking the country to all the major European cities.
The Italian government has also been quite responsive in enhancing the tourism industry making the country one of the most visited destinations in Europe. Economically, investing in Italian property provides a great profit potential since the country does not impose capital gain taxes for profit gained from real estate property. Furthermore, investors can acquire Italian citizenship and acquire Italian property for sale at significantly reduced costs.

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