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Invest in The World and Sail into the Sunset

For those overseas property investors who can’t decide where to invest, the world is your oyster.

Or rather, The World is the very aptly named world’s largest residential ship that is resided in by 142 families from 19 different countries.

The 165-apartment vessel boasts some of the most expensive real estate in the world, with the smallest and cheapest of the on-board apartments starting from €1.5 million, so overseas property investors whom want to continuously go overseas will need deep pockets.

Indeed, the largest of the apartments costs close to €13 million, though all of the spacious apartments have balconies, and are designed so that the owners and their families can stay aboard for as long as they wish circumnavigating the world.

Apartment owners and passengers pay yearly maintenance fees of €700,000 each for the upkeep of their onboard luxury lifestyle, €30,000 of which goes towards meals.

The World was completed in Norway in 2002, and according to management it spends twice as long in ports as most ships, ensuring that ‘every few days residents can wake up and look out their window at a new and exciting port of call’.

Most residents stay on board for three months at a time, though some do sail constantly. The average age of residents is 62, though many still conduct their businesses from the ship.

Docked in Lisbon last week, The World then sailed to Tromso, Norway, before embarking on an 11-day expedition around the Svalbard archipelago, then it will be heading south, passing through Portugal again, stopping at the ports of Portimão and Funchal, before sailing down the African coast towards Cape Town for New Year.

By the end of this year the floating apartment block will have travelled 40,000 nautical miles, having docked at 120 ports in 30 countries.

So for all you overseas property investors who can’t decide where to live. Invest in The World and live everywhere.

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