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Egypt Property Show to Boost Investment

The Egypt property market continues to grow in anticipation of the International Property Show Egypt (IPS Egypt) which will be held from October 10-13, 2018 at the Egypt International Exhibition Centre.

Exclusive deals and discounts will be offered on Egypt property at the show, to both Egyptian and overseas property investors.

The Egypt property market has been growing since the Egyptian government floated the currency in 2016, and further foreign investment is expected with planned huge infrastructure projects such as the new administrative capital attracting a tourism boom.

The new administrative capital is a massive project which will include 21 residential districts, 25 dedicated districts, a huge park, educational institutions, technology and innovation parks, hundreds of hospitals, clinics, mosques, and hotels, an impressive international airport, a theme park that could compete with the world’s largest Disneyland, and a railway link to Cairo.

The government has also made policy changes to encourage overseas property investors to invest in Egypt property, such as the amendment of investment law in 2017.

Ease in profit repatriation and in securing residence a permit has also resulted to an influx of foreign investment in Egypt property.

The property exhibition is expected to serve as an ideal platform to gather local, regional and international investors to meet with top Egyptian realtors and developers and secure property deals.

IPS Egypt will also have as one of its features the Mega Property Sale to facilitate onsite sale and purchase of properties. The 4-day event will also offer a complete package of bargain deals and services such as market-leading offers from regional and international developers, banks and other financial institutions, legal services, real estate agents, and property auction houses.

Overseas property investors interested in purchasing Egypt property may wish to put the dates for the IPS Egypt property exhibition in their diary.

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