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Dubrovnik Still Leading Croatian Property Market

Croatian property prices continue to rise, led by the popular city of Dubrovnik which remains the most expensive area.

According to the latest survey by Croatian property website Njuskalo, Croatian property price rises were split between apartments which rose by 8 per cent this year, and houses which saw prices rise by 4 per cent.

All major cities in Croatia have seen property prices increase, especially along the coastline, with Dubrovnik once again having the highest prices in the whole country., boosted by interest from overseas property investors.

In October the average asking price for an apartment in Dubrovnik was a huge 3,926 Euros per metre squared, or almost double the price of the capital, whilst the asking price for a house in Dubrovnik was 4,711 Euros.

Zagreb is one of the hottest locations in Croatia at the moment with the average price per metre squared over 2,000 Euros for the first time ever. In October the average asking price for apartments was 2,080 Euros per metre squared, which represents a rise of almost 8 per cent over the year.

Much of the rise in Croatian property prices is due to the increasing popularity of Croatia with tourists and overseas property investors alike.

Dubrovnik Airport had an incredible end to the summer season with a massive 22 per cent increase in passenger numbers through October. Croatia’s southernmost airport had by far the biggest increase in passenger numbers of any of the airport’s in the country.

A grand total of 299,532 passengers passed through the airport last month meaning a 22.7 per cent increase over the same month from last year. In comparison Zagreb Airport handled 330,000 passengers, which was a 4 per cent increase over last year, and Split Airport saw a 9.7 per cent increase with 247,000 passengers.

From the beginning of this year until the end of October Dubrovnik Airport handled 2.8 million passengers, which represents a 12.6 per cent increase over 2018, and is on course to handle 3 million passengers for the first time ever.

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