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Bulgaria – Investment Property

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At Bulgarian properties for sale we recognize that one of the most important aspects of the buying process is what happens after you have purchased your property.

Some people will be living over here permanently and will only need our help from time to time and other clients may need a property management package. In all instances we will be happy to help you.

Given the size and layout of Bulgaria and our diverse cliental, services can be tailored to our client’s individual requirements. Examples of our services are as below:

  • Key holding Services
  • Regular property maintenance checks
  • Building and renovation management
  • Negotiations with local businesses and neighbours
  • Arranging local gardening services
  • Arranging local security
  • Assistance in obtaining your residency card

As an example of our pricing please see below:

  • Changing the electricity into your companies name = 50 Euros
  • Changing the Water into your companies name = 50 Euros
  • Organising the submission of your company annual tax declaration 150 Euros

Please feel free to request a quote for your individual requirements.

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