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Break for the US/Canadian Border

A property has come available right on the border of the US and Canada, giving overseas property investors the chance to live in both countries at the same time.

The house, spanning almost 7,000 square feet, has been divided into 5 apartments, and has an estimated rebuild price of around $600,000.

However, the property is on the market at just $109,000 as although it is structurely sound with thick granite walls, it does need a lot of work to modernise its current 1950s dilapidated state.

The house, sitting on a quarter acre plot including the building itself, directly straddles the border between the US and Canada, situated between Beebe Plain, Vermont, and Stanstead, Quebec.

An alarm system would seem unnecessary for the property, as it is very adequately monitored by border guards on both the Canadian and US sides.

The house is directly across Stanstead’s Rue Principale from the port of entry staffed by agents of the Canada Border Services Agency and adjacent to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection post.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection assistant port director for the area that includes Beebe Plain, Troy Rabideau, said the agents know who live there, but keeping track can be a challenge.

‘It’s always a fine line,” Rabideau said. “We do the best we can to keep an eye on it. We do what we have to do, security first, but we also want the support of the locals.’

The property has entrances from the United States and Canada. Agents have come to know the people who live in the house, currently vacant, and allow them to move back and forth freely as long as they stay in the house or the tiny front or backyard. There’s a small granite border marker just outside the front door.

So for all you overseas property investors that fancied living in the US but are now not sure about the new president, this could be the perfect opportunity.

After all, if you want to leave the United States, you don’t even have to leave home to cross the border.

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