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‘Bleisure’ Property Investment in South Africa

A new phrase combining business and leisure travel as ‘bleisure’ is becoming well known and working well for property investors in South Africa.

According to research the typical ‘bleisure’ traveller is under 35 and coming from another country. They tend to be interested in urban areas where both business and leisure best combine.

‘Bleisure’ travel is becoming more and more popular due to online platforms such as Airbnb, as younger travellers shun hotels to look for the relative affordability of private accommodation on a short-term basis.

Location is obviously most important to these travellers, who are looking for business areas with close proximity to nightlife and leisure facilities.

South Africa has therefore become a leading area in the ‘bleisure’ market. With established international business links combined with one of the top tourist destinations in the world, the country seems set up for this new way of travelling.

When it comes to buy to let investment catering for the ‘bleisure’ market location is obviously important. Properties need to be in central areas with good access to both business and social amenities.

Decor should be clean and modern, but not too sterile, as these people are trying to get away from the uniform hotel style.

Studios and one bedroom apartments tend to work best, as ‘bleisure’ travellers tend to be on their own or travelling in pairs.

Security is also key, as these new arrivals want to feel safe in their environment. Therefore, apartments in complexes with 24-hour security tend to be most popular to make the traveller feel comfortable.

‘Bleisure’ is a new and rapidly growing form of travelling for the young up and coming professionals, so investing wisely in the right type of properties to appeal to this new type of traveller can bring strong returns for overseas property investors.

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