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Best Value Destinations for Overseas Property Investors

Overseas property investors looking to purchase a property abroad need to look for the best value destinations to make the most of their property investment funds.

Currency exchange company FairFX recently carried out a study comparing the average price of a property along with the cost of essential outgoings when you get there, to help potential buyers as they try and decide which country provides best value for money.

The study includes the average cost of a two-bedroom apartment, as well as a selection of other local every-day costs. A car, monthly utilities as well as petrol, broadband and a mobile phone were also included.

Bulgaria came out top for value, with a combined cost of just £105,625 when all the factors were taken into account. With stunning beaches and mountains with ski facilities, coupled with affordable property, it is no surprise that Bulgaria is fast becoming a popular destination for overseas property investors after best value for their money.

Turkey took second place with a combined cost of £120,782. The destination was a favourite for British investors until recent political upheaval, but still remains popular with many.

Greece made up the podium places, costing £118,921 when all costs were combined. Long a favourite destination for UK holidaymakers and overseas property investors Greece is certainly a stable bet, offering culture, scenery and near year-round temperate climate, in addition to best value for your money.

Obviously, cost is just one factor you need to think about when buying property overseas. All influencing factors have to be considered, including the political economic and cultural situation in the country you’re looking at, to ensure getting the best value for you.

CEO of FairFX, Ian Strafford-Taylor, commented: ‘Our Property Abroad Index allows potential second home buyers to weigh up which country is the best value – looking at the average cost of an apartment, as well as the essential elements you need once you are there. To get the best value, it is important to take all living costs into account as well as how much a property will cost initially.

‘It’s also vital that you research the region you are buying in. Keeping abreast of the political and economic situation in that destination will help you decide if the property is a good long-term investment. Looking at currency trends will also give you even more value for money. This means that when you need to make international payments, you are doing it at the best time and saving yourself a significant amount of money.’

Overseas property investors may wish to study the results of the best value survey to help them decide where is best for them to invest.

Full survey details below.


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