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Bargain Property Buys in France

UK overseas property investors looking for bargain property buys shouldn’t have to look too far afield. In fact, just across the English Channel.

Along with Spain, France has long been the popular choice for the British buying abroad. Especially for those looking for a quieter alternative to the busy Spanish Costas.

Whilst the French property market has undoubtedly turned the corner, there are many areas where bargain property buys can still be found.

Brittany, Normandy, and the Dordogne are certainly favourites with British expats and are also three of the least expensive regions in France for property purchase. Smaller holiday homes can be found for as little as €50,000, a real bargain buy. These properties can also often be extended for permanent residence when looking for that peaceful retirement.

Further down the Atlantic coastline, where a warmer climate can be found, bargain property can also be found. A house in Charente-Maritime could be purchased at around €165,000 or even cheaper if slightly further inland.

The Limousin region is another where bargain property buys can be found. boasting green forests and hills amongst the unspoiled countryside, average prices for a habitable home in Creuse is just €63,000.

Often compared to Devon, Limousin is therefore unsurprisingly home to around 7,000 British expats, attracted by its welcoming feel.

Southern France can also offer bargain property buys, with regions such as Languedoc-Roussillon on the Mediterranean coast catering for those with more limited financial means, as well as the wealthy attracted by the southern French lifestyle and culture.

Even when it comes to skiing, bargain property buys can be found. Properties in the smaller, less well-known ski resorts are far cheaper than their Alpine equivalents and have year-round rental potential.

It seems that whatever your budget, the French property market can have something suitable for you.

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