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Asia Property Investment Visas Too

Last week we began looking at the best places to obtain an Asia property investment visa, covering South Korea and Malaysia.

This week we continue the study, completing the top five countries to get an Asia property investment visa.

As before, we have taken into account the level of bureaucracy involved (the less the better), value for money on your investment, and also ensuring that the residency programs are genuine and above board.


Like South Korea covered last week, Turkey can also grant full citizenship for investing in Asia property, but until recently had been one of the most expensive options.

A minimum real estate purchase requirement of US$1,000,000 made very little sense compared to the countless cheaper and better citizenship options across the world and received very few applications.

However, the poor performance of the program forced Turkey to slash the qualifying purchase limit by 75 per cent to just $250,000 making it a far better option for property investment.

If overseas property investors are particularly looking for citizenship, then Turkey would be a good affordable choice, though if looking for investment return then the precarious economy may make you want to look elsewhere.

United Arab Emirates

Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, is another destination for Asia property that has recently improved their investor visa program.

Before the recent rule changes applicants had to buy a freehold property in Dubai for at least DH1million (approximately $US270,000) in order to receive a two-year renewable property investor visa in return.

Though the qualifying limit of DH1million has not been reduced, the investment will now grant you a visa for ten years as from this year.

The changes take away the bi-annual hassle of submitting police checks, medical reports, and waiting around for immigration – A particularly pleasing alteration if you aren’t living in Dubai full-time and are just buying an asset in exchange for residence.


Although obtaining residency through buying property in Thailand isn’t particularly cheap, it is included in the top five for Asia property investment because of its increasing popularity with overseas property investors.

You must invest at least ten million baht (about US$320,000) in Thailand to qualify. The investment can be made in property, bonds, fixed-deposits, or any combination of those.

This flexibility can be helpful, as buying multiple properties also works. For example, you can own five Thai condos worth two million baht each and rent them out.

Obtaining Thai residence through investment does not allow you to work in Thailand, but most visitors want to relax when they visit the country anyway.

What it does buy you is an annual visa that you can extend every year that you retain the investment.

It also allows you a great base to visit other countries of interest in the Far east such as Cambodia, Myanmar, and Laos.

Over the last two weeks we have looked at what we feel to be the best five options for Asia property visas. But wherever you choose to invest in Asia property, be sure to do your homework and make sure that all residency schemes are legitimate and above board.

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